Sunday, July 3, 2011

July Residency Show - Success!

Poetry and Dance: A lovely marriage. 

A big thanks to everyone who came out to our Residency show at the Launchpad last night! 

Will you be my Aztec virgin sacrifice?

What was different about last nights show? 
The core members of the Hoover Dam Collective, usually tied up in presenting and performing their own work, received a valuable opportunity to enjoy the art and collaboration of others who have submitted their skills and creative projects to the collective. This is the spirit of the Dam, and it's something we have wanted to achieve all along. So, on behalf of all of the HDC, I want to thank each and every person who showed us their extraordinary talents last night.

"They don't teach bucket at any school in the US"

What was the same about last nights show? 
The July Residency show had all the right ingredients for the great HDC show cocktail: A laid back audience who was willing to watch and enjoy each performer, a nice little outdoor chill spot, a fantastic lineup of artists, free booze, and a late night dance party complete with awesome DJ!

Put a spell on us. 

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Go crazy, dance like there isn't a camera right above you taking thousands of photos.

Also, remember that our next big show is August 19th at Station 171. The plan is that its going to be a rager, so make sure you get yourself there! We will have HDC shotglasses and T-Shirts for sale, so bring some cash! 

She's ok, she's just in the moment, creating a beautiful image for me to capture. 

Again, thanks to everyone who contributed, thanks for reading the blog, and remember, Art is the word.

BK in bklyn.

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