Monday, June 28, 2010

The Desiderata Music Festival. Location: WhereAreWe?, NY.

A select group of four musicians and four dancers formed a representation of the Hoover Dam Collective at the Desiderata music festival this past Thursday. The 8 intrepid members squished into 2 cars and faced rush hour traffic and convoluted New Jersey thruways, finally to be greeted by the wafting aroma of cow poop, open skies and lovely hills. Yes, the HDC met the Catskills!

The 8 HDC members stayed in a log cabin -- a cute functional little thing with a banging sound system -- and immediately got to work rehearsing in the modestly sized dining room. Though the dancers were frustrated with the small space, the musicians were content to jam with each other, providing a rocking score to the rehearsal process.

The music festival itself was, using an ambiguous but appropriate word: Interesting. A group of people all ages gathered for a relatively reasonable price to camp, drink, do drugs, engage in activities such a yoga and stage-decoration, and above all else, enjoy great music. I found myself judging the attendees quickly, placing them in groups such as "graduated from Purchase in the 1990's", "Trust-fund-afarians" and "straightforward druggies." However, after spending a mere hour in the atmosphere, I found the people to be the most open, encouraging and accepting people I have really encountered in the last few years.

The show went over pretty well. The attendance wasn't great, but we got a bit of exposure, and above all we gave everything we had, in true Hoover Dam fashion.

Later that night, the four musicians (Alex Mackinnon, Zach Koeber, David Cutler and Spencer Murphy) played their own set under the title Bot Jiz. The show absolutely blew my mind, and the HDC dancers were invited on stage for a special appearance.

Check out Bot Jiz's Myspace for some excellent material for your ears here:

One more thing. I have decided to coin the HDC's first official slang word. From now on please substitute the word "vision" for "awesome"
"Yo, check out that dude's tattoo. That shit is vision."

Bk in Bk

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