Monday, July 5, 2010

- DeliCrash! -

(62 Days in Brooklyn / A.F. 2010)

Attention loyal HDC lovers: get on your hipster shoes and crack open that ice cold Colt 45 because the Hoover Dam Collective is heading to Williamsburg, Brooklyn!

Our next show is Friday, July 16th at the Woodhull Deli and we are absolutely determined to make it our best one yet. I have a great feeling about this show - the line up is phenomenal and the venue is stellar.

Reasons why you should attend this show:

1. It's in The Woodhull Deli - This unconventional space features a large performance space room and connecting outdoor yard for the smokers. Additionally, one must walk through a convenient store to get to the space, where one can buy one's favorite brew and snack. How good can it get?

2. It's in Williamsburg - Most know that Williamsburg is one of the trendiest, hippest neighborhoods to hang out. If you come to our show, you can brag to everyone about coming to Williamsburg, and you get the added bonus of not having to actually hang around with pretentious mopey hipsters! The HDC crowd is all about acceptance, openness, having a good time, and participating in reckless artistic behavior.

3. The Music - A varied blend of musical artists and bands will rock your funk inside out and careen your booty across an acoustic field of lilies, daffodils, and subwoofers.

We've got Bot Jiz (robot dance music), Mokaad (A fabulous Purchase funk band), Melissa Ahern, (talented acoustic artist/singer/songwriter/doe-eyed beauty), Stimpy Lockjaw (demented groove jazz), and Andy Smart (up and coming hip-hop artist and dancer).

4. The Dance - The dance for this show will feature a solid amount of new work from regular HDC contributors including Kat Rhodes, Breegan Kearney, and Theo Boguszewski. I won't give much more away, but you can expect a variety of dramatic, comedic, visceral, and abstract work.

5. The Visual Art - From 8-9p, the HDC is pleased to present an art gallery hour of dynamic work from some of our favorite grungy, plaid wearing visual artists. There may be some free food or wine to grab while you're enjoying the visual stimulation.

6. The Admission - You can enjoy this incredible amount of artistic titillation for only 5 dollars! I don't even believe this cover charge...

7. The Liquor - Bring your singles, because we'll be selling super cheap cocktails at the bar! Beer is also available at the convenience store at an economical price.

Seriously, come check out this epic show. You wont find art of this caliber for such a low price anywhere!

The Woodhull Deli
691 Broadway
Brooklyn, NY 11206

(Btwn Manhattan and Graham)
Take the J or M to Flushing Avenue and walk northwest

Enter the deli and walk to the back of the convenience store for this HDC extravaganza.

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