Wednesday, December 8, 2010

171 Proof

New fans and loyal friends,

Coming your way at the Station this Saturday the 11th is 171 PROOF, an evening of great performances, raucous fun and frenzy.

Station 171 is the ultimate party place. It features an outdoor deck with sweeping views of manhattan in one direction, and old warehouses in the other, a wide open space for dancing, couches for conversing and doing naughty things in the corner, a bright stage and a cute bar. The whole package is decorated with a hipster-chic ' hey, look what I found on the side of the street, lets hang it up' mentality.

The Station also plays a part in HDC history: it was the venue for our very first party-format laid back show. Our Brooklyn home, to an effect.

The downside? Getting there. It's a long walk in the cold. We know, we've braved it many a time ourselves.

But we've got great news. We're offering a shuttle service to get to station 171! No more freezing toes. More details to follow.

We have planned to overstock our beer and liquor supply so we can provide for the enjoyment of all.

Here's the lineup for the show:

Music Sets:
(the delicate croonings of)
Melissa Ahern
(the get-down funky stuff of)
Wayne Tucker and Tom Larsen {Tucker and Larsen Duological Enterprises Presents: The Semi-Identical Twins}
(the sick rhythms and melodies of)
Zach Koeber and Xavier Hill
(the hot shit of)
NJ3 (David Cutler, James Carp, Alex Mackinnon)

Work will be presented by Kat Rhodes, Allison Jones, Theo Boguszewski, Marie McNair, Chelsea Retzloff and Breegan Kearney

Additionally, Katrina Cunningham will be presenting her Slam Poetry, and Willy Appleman will be presenting improvisational comedy with the Thunderbirds-4-Life.

There will be a live DJ set at the end of the night, so that we can all drop our pretenses and dance the night away.

Get ready.
Admission is 5 dollars at the door, and this all starts throwing down (not throwing up 'cause we hold our booze) at 8pm.

BK in bk

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