Monday, December 27, 2010

Art Warriors

As this blog master sits in her brightly lit bedroom, she stares out the window at the Brooklyn neighborhood-turned-arctic-circle and hopes all the HDC lovers out there are as warm and happy as she is.

Above is the poster for the Residency at the Launchpad. Note the date of the first show: JANUARY 8. Yes, in January, the Hoover Dam is bringing its own storm to NYC. With a spot in grand opening show of The Sapphire Lounge and the opening of our own monthly residency at the Launchpad, the HDC is starting off this new year with momentum that will carry it through the next 12 months.

Let me just say this. On Saturday January 8, you can go to that same old smelly club and get booty-bumped by some scary looking chick from the Bronx, feel free to shoot shit and melt into the couch with your two friends, or fall asleep on a bar stool at Franklin Park. Go ahead, go do the same old thing every freaking weekend. The Hoover Dam Collective, on the other hand, will be rocking, dancing, grooving, shouting, and drinking. We will be partying, collaborating, and fueling each other's creative fires. And we, the cool kids, the drunken artists, the celebratory revolutionists, want you there too. Nothing makes us happier than seeing new faces, especially in the new year. We don't even want your money: the event is FREE!

So, here is a huge rallying cry: GET YOUR DAM ON!

January 8
The Lanchpad
721 Franklin Ave
Brooklyn, NY

BK in BK

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