Saturday, December 18, 2010

Happy Holidays from the Hoover Dam Collective!

....And other religion-neutral greetings!

Well, HDC enthusiasts, it seems as if as soon as one show is over, we are getting to work on the next one! Now that the Hoover Dam Collective has a creative residency at The Launchpad on Franklin Ave in Brooklyn, we are inviting everyone to submit and participate! If you have a band, a story, a pair of legs to dance on, a paintbrush in your hand, or just a keen interest in the arts, please contact us! Comment on the blog or email us at

(I will make a firm promise to ease up on the exclamation points from this point forward)

Important, exciting news! (whoops)
Your faithful blog mistress is pleased to announce that the Hoover Dam Collective will be appearing at the Sapphire Lounge on the freaking Lower East Side. That's right. For the first time, the Hoover Dam Collective is taking MANHATTAN. The show is Thursday, January 6th. Write it in your planner, on a napkin, on your iphone, or on your tits (sidenote: stay away from the permanent marker.)

The fantastic funky band Soundhouse will be playing, accompanied by some improvisational dance organized by Theo Boguszewski. (Dancers: Chelsea Retzloff, Theo Boguszewski, Francheska Lopez, Nicole Restani and Breegan Kearney) Soundhouse played at our last Hoover Dam Show, and they brought the house all the way down, below the waist and underground. The entire show starts at 7:30, but our set should be starting around 9:15 pm. Get there on time so you can see the HDC flaunting its finest in Manhattan!

The show itself isn't presented by the Hoover Dam Collective, so I don't have all the details, but from what I've picked up along the wireless grapevine, there will be a few other bands, a live DJ at the end of the night, and a visual art gallery. The cover charge is 5 dollars, the same 5 dollars that you didn't spend on the pair of fake Ray Bans which didn't really make you look cool after all. (Guilty as charged)
Soundhouse Plays at 171 Proof

With that, BK signs off. Stay posted for more information about the Launchpad show on Saturday the 8th of Jan.

Skillfully, Slamfully,
bk in bk

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