Friday, January 7, 2011

Sapphire Lounge

Last night the Hoover Dam Collective Dancers, along with Soundhouse Band and Doc Brown Trio, tore The Sapphire Lounge down. We loved the vibe at the Sapphire Lounge and had a great night.
If you missed it, and you need your fill of artistic collaboration, don't miss us again!
Our first Residency Show is on Saturday, Jan 8 (TOMORROW!)
Come check us out at the Launchpad!
Click here for more info about the show.

Posting a couple photos here, more to come on Facebook:

Zach Koeber on the Saxophone playing with Doc Brown

Hoover Dam Collective Dancers gearing up for some improvisational collaboration

Dancing in the Crowd

Thanks to Ryan Mallen for the photos.

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