Friday, March 4, 2011

Blogmistress Fail!

Not updating the blog: Win

Sorry HDC fans! I have been running away from the internet, but apologies aside, I'm posting a last minute entry about the Residency show tomorrow night. It's going to be a good one! We are booking less acts so that the audience members will have more time to relax and chat it up, while hopefully meeting new people and ideally, getting inspired. Doesn't that sound fantastic?
(We also bought more wine than we normally do. Always a plus)  

Here's a lowdown (with links) on the lineup for the show, which is singer / songwriter focused:

 Andrew Mancilla, singer / songwriter 

Joe Fusca, singer / songwriter, accompanied by HDC dancers. (Surprise, we always seem to make an appearance in someone's set! Collaboration is the spirit of the Dam!) 

The Boomerangs, Rockin' Band. 

DJ Elliptic will also be playing at the end of the night. 

On top of all this fabulous music, there will be a dance set and some improvisational comedic happenings by our friends: (butternut squash!) Thunderbirds-4-Life. 

Come check out these up and coming artists fueled by the love of exploring art in Brooklyn! 

We love new faces! 

Now, to add a little zest to the post, I present to you a link to some incredible photos taken by Charlie Winter (CW Visions - note: the HDC token slang term for awesome: "vision" is right in the name. Vision.) 

Incredible Residency Photos! 
Signing off, 
Bk in BK

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