Monday, March 28, 2011

April Show and Self Promotion!

Hope you're well, Hoover Dudes and Dames!

The April Residency show is coming up, and there's much to look forward to! We are presenting some excellent, extremely talented singer-songwriter acts, as well as new dance works by Erin Kohout and myself.

To give you a taste, I'm self-promoting my new piece, an excerpt of which will be presented at the April show. The following is a compilation of rehearsal footage, featuring Kat Rhodes, Hayley Jones, Francheska Lopez, Mistral Hay, and Lucy Wilson.

Artist statement:

"The new work in progress I have been developing is in its rough stages of conceptualization, but I can say a few things about the themes that have been surfacing. It's an exploration of 5 sister-like figures occupying the stage as if it were a house. They are often antagonizing each other, but their relationships to each other are inevitable. I also often look at them as five personifications of one woman. I have been playing with the juxtaposition of deliberate and precise movement set to very specific counts and messy aggressive actions. The choreographic process is playful, with use of improvisation. Wit and humor is an important aspect of my choreography, so I often play with suggestions my dancers make that begin as jokes. I think the fun banter between my dancers and myself allows me to be creative and relax, and also brings something fresh to the process."

Stayed tuned for more details about the show!

BK in BK

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