Monday, April 11, 2011

Purchase Students, Rejoice!

O Great Land of Airplanes, Hazardous Bricks and Art-Sherpas! There are some HDC happenings in your area this week! First and foremost, the HDC collective will be presenting something at the MadART360 show in the dining hall. Who doesn't want to go to the DH after hours? I'd be just like pancake madness but instead of pancakes, there are artistic festivities. It's a no-brainer.

For those of you who are interested in getting involved in damming activities, go ask a beaver. Sorry, bad joke. For those of you who want to participate in the HDC after you graduate from College and join the Real World and get an Apartment, and start paying Rent, there's an interest meeting on Wednesday night! The HDC is an excellent artistic outlet for collaboration. You may find that you miss being surrounded by extremely talented artists all the time after you leave Purchase. The Hoover Dam Collective brings artists of different disciplines together so you can forge new creative bonds and get your much needed dose of interdisciplinarianism. (Does not include bondage)

So if you want to continue your artistic exploits in the Future when you have to pay for Internet and when you Have to Clean the Hair out of Your Shower Drain, come to the meeting!

HDC Interest Meeting
Wednesday, 10:30pm, G 3-3 in the Old!

Be there!
Bk in bk

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