Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Friends and Lovers of the Great Hoover Dam Collective,
We present to you our biggest show yet:

Hoover Damage!

Summer is here, a new crop of young people have graduated from College and are ready to begin their intrepid journey into the real world. The HDC is there to cushion the fall from student to adult, providing it's loving fans with quality collaborative art. We hope to inspire and connect creative artists to spawn a cloud-like network of collaborative individuals. (4 words over 8 letters and the word "cloud" used in that last sentence :  brownie points for the blog mistress!) 

Before I post more details, the Facebook Page is HERE. Be sure to rsvp!  (the correct answer if you're confused is "attending." Be sure not to accidently click on one of the other two options)

The Hoover Dam Collective had it's first real show at Station 171 in Greenpoint, and we are happy to return! It's a real life Brooklyn warehouse space, complete with all the strange and eclectic warehouse fixin's. The venue is fun because there is an incredible roof deck, where the outdoor barbeque and some live performances will take place.  Just in case you're skimming the article: 

Roof Deck (see above)

Moving on, there is also a spacious interior with a bar, stage and dance area. The warehouse also has those DJ party-party dance lights that make you feel oh so giddy when you're feeling the music. 

Here's How You Get There:
Public Transportation:
Take the L train to Graham Ave. (Brooklyn!) Walking directions are as follows: Walk East on Metropolitan Avenue towards Humboldt. You want to get to Woodpoint Road, so you can do that by taking the awkward diagonal Maspeth Ave, which is definitely faster. If you miss it, just turn right on Conselyea Street. Turn left on Woodpoint, and walk walk walk northeast, until you hit Kingsland Ave, then turn left again. As you approach the not-so-sexy underbelly of the BQE, you should find the magic street Lombardy and turn right!  Walk on Lombardy until you hit 171 Lombardy, and you've found it. If you feel like "uh, this is weird, there's like, nothing around here but warehouses and stuff," you're totally in the right place! You should see our doorman hanging around by the door. 

Look at that, you've already burned off your first beer in calories just by walking there! Fitness is important. 

Times, Prices, Etc. 
Welcome to Hoover Damage! The event is in a festival format, so we're kicking things off at 5pm with an outdoor BBQ. I'll let you in on a little secret...If you come between 5 and 6, you get a free beer with entry! Trust us with your entire evening, we will definitely make it worth your while. The event will cost 5 dollars at the door, and burgers, veggie burgers and hotdogs will be available for purchase at a cheap price.  There will also be a bar with cheap beer, cocktails, wine and sangria. Refreshing! Additionally, there will be a 50-50 raffle! Bring those singles. Tickets will be available for 2 dollars, or you can buy 3 for five dollars. 

The line-up is available below: 

Comedy (6-7):
Willy Appelman and the Thunderbirds-4-Life
Luke Schwartz
Ashley Brooke Roberts

Poetry (8-815)
Katrina Cunningham

Dance (8:15-9):
Kat Rhodes
Chelsea Retzloff
Roseann Baker
Nicole Restani
Lucy Wilson
Theo Boguszewski
Allison Jones
Katrina Cunningham
Justin Prescott

Melissa Ahern (7-730)
Matt Simons and Chris Ayer (730-8)
Everything is Everything (9-930)(Gabriel Garzon Montano and friends)
Nj3(945-1030) (Alex Mackinnon and friends)
Astro Club Blonde (1030-1115)
Archie Pelago (1115-12)
Like Diamonds (12-1245)

DJ Hirshi and Phlegm- late night dance party!!

We hope to see you there! 

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