Friday, August 12, 2011

Augustus! One week!

Dear Hoover Dammers: 

With the help of your love, support, good vibes, drinking, dancing, collaboration and artistic skill, we are happy to present you with our next big HDC rager: AUGUSTUS. At the spacious and isolated Station 171 in Greenpoint, BK, we will put on another extraordinary night full of artistic collaboration and crazy antics. (Bring your toga)

Starting at 5pm, you can grab a dog and a burger at the grill on the incredible roof deck. You can nosh while you enjoy the beautiful view of Manhattan, Brooklyn, and the BQE and listen to the foot-tappin' sounds of Zach Orion on the banjo.

 When you head inside, first you will see an improvisation collaboration between Cellist Isaiah Gage and the Hoover Dam Dancers, who will no doubt be throwing themselves around the floor with dramatic gestures. 

There will also be an incredible collection of dance works by many new contributors to the Hoover Dam Collective. We are extremely excited to see what they have to offer! 

Dance Presenters: 
Laurel Desmarais
Marissa Joseph
Kevin Faye
Victoria Derenzo
Maya Kite

Anne Goldberg (chamber music, followed by dance)
Alexis Convento
Hadley Smith
Sarah Sadie Newett
Mika Yanagihara
Marisa, White Road Dance Project

Nat Osborn and Friends will croon we wild animals of the HDC into tameness during their acoustic set from 7:30-8:30. 

Our "charming and hilarious" friend Luke Schwartz (Does anyone remember the interview?) will be joined by Liam Mceneany and a few others for a comedy set from 9:15-10. LOL. 

Katrina Cunningham, HDC Poetress-at-Large will also make a guest appearance. (And apparently her alter-ego Marilyn Monroe will as well.)

At 10pm, AUGUSTUS will crank into full gear and the fun will really begin. We are glad to present HDC regular Gabriel Garzon Montano's ass-shaking band "Ms. Lady" from 10-11. After that will be hipster-country-western band (hipster used in a non-diminuative sense), The Itchy Hearts from 11-12. On the stroke of midnight, the Dam house will be brought down by Bot Jiz. 

And after that, well, you know, hopefully one or two of us will be a little drunk and will want to rock the dance floor during DJ David Kiss' set. 

The last few details: Summer is awesome, but its almost over, so say goodbye with a bang. 
5 dolla at the door. 
5 dollar shotglasses for sale. (Free shot if you buy one) 
Last but not least, this is helpful, too. 

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Much love, 
BK in BK

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