Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Poseidon vs. Augustus

My great HDC fellows and countrymen, I address you to detail the evening of Augustus Nineteenth in the year Two-Thousand and Eleven.

My very popular blog segment, in which I post some selected photos from the previous Hoover Dam show, is back again! I know you all love these, so I'll keep it simple.

1. ) Dance, and a lot of it. There were tons of new special guests that featured dance work in Augustus, and I must say that they all did an incredible job! The energy was palpable. A great thank you goes out to all the dancers and choreographers. (A participant list is at the end of the post, if you're interested)

Wa-BAM! Take that, lightbulb!

Fancy partnering abounds!
2.) Music!
 Isaiah Gage enchanted me with his cello, Nat Osborn and Guests made me want to grab a banjo and sing along with their soulful bluegrass crooning, Ms. Lady funked my underwear clear off, The Itchy Hearts made me slap my thigh and bounce all around in jubilant glee, and Bot Jiz sent me into a complex maze of sweet notes, bass lines, and rhythms. DJ David Kiss did a great job wrapping up the night with some fancy DJ skills. (A technical term) 
Zach Koeber of Bot Jiz
Andy Cobb of the Itchy Hearts

3. Collaboration!
This is what the Hoover Dam is all about! The HDC dancers did a Roman / Grecian improvisation with Isaiah Gage to kick off the night, which set the tone for some beautiful collaborations.

Anne Goldberg

4.) Inclimate Weather
"Poseidon, the great water God, has been enraged by your lack of intoxication!" -Ian Cambell, MC


5.) Celebrities 
Ok, I don't know if I'm crossing a line here, but I was very excited to see some famous faces at Augustus! If the celebrities mentioned are reading this and are mad that I've posted some photos, then my blog is more popular than I thought! Woo! (And of course I'll take them down)

Penn Bagdley of Gossip Girl in the red Plaid:

On his right in the tan dress, the very lovely Zoe Kravitz:

To Zoe's right, Alia Shawkat, known for her role as Maeby on Arrested Development

Obviously I was freaking out but managed to resist the urge to ask Alia to "Marry Me!" or beg Zoe for a ticket to the premiere of The Hunger Games movie, in which her father plays Cinna (totally perfect casting, not to mention that Cinna is my favorite character besides Katniss /nerd>) I refrained because they were, obviously, just some HDC friends that came to listen to the rocking sounds of Ms. Lady at Augustus. Awesome. 

Stay tuned for more Augustus photos and videos!

BK in BK

[As promised, a list of Participants in the Dance section of Augustus follows]
Eric Allen, Megan Bascom, Marlieke Burhouts, Siobhan Burke, Corrine Byrne, Alexis Convento, Victoria Derenzo, Laurel Desmarais, Julia Ehrstrand, Anne Goldberg, Marisa Gruneberg, Nikki Holck, Judith Jacobs, Marissa Joseph, Maya Kite, Madison Krekel, Laura Lamp, Raphael Luca, Miranda Lyon, Emily Maurer, Mike Mguiness, Matthew Montana, Carima Neusser, Sarah Sadie Newett, Lynda Senisi, Hadley Smith, Katherine Stehura, Akiko Tomikawa, Mami Yanagihara,  Mika Yanagihara

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